Politics in the USA

9 01 2011

So this lady Congresswoman (Gabrielle Giffords) got shot in the head, and people (repubs) want to make this guy out to be a lone wacko with no influences from the likes of Glen Beck and Sarah “Momma Bear” Palin. To then I say “Yeah right, and I’m the freaking Pope.”

How many times does this need to be said before it sinks in, to incite hate in your rhetoric is to invite hate in the public. I don’t care that you covered all your bases with every lawyer in the world, you are to blame for this poor woman’s head wound, as much as the guy who pulled the trigger. He is only as guilty as his influences.

And this goes for both sides, Dems, everyone needs to back off the hate/smear campaigning because unfortunately this is the outcome of said hate. We need to bring civility back to politics and stop all the shouting. It seems nowadays that the loudest group is the most heard and not the group with the best logic, and that’s just sad. We need to bring civility back, folks, and we need to do it fast.