First Real Homebrew For PS3 and It’s a SNES Emulator

9 01 2011

Here we have the first end user homebrew that anyone can use on a PS3without that damned Jailbreak USB stick. All you need is Geohot’s 3.55 jailbroken PS3 firmware and then grab the SNES emulator to run on it.

I assume no responsibility if you break your PS3

Copy each pkg file to a USB storage device. Connect that device to your PS3 and under the XMB Game menu select “Install Package Files.”

Geohot PS3 Firmware – LINK (download
SNES Homebrew – LINK


Politics in the USA

9 01 2011

So this lady Congresswoman (Gabrielle Giffords) got shot in the head, and people (repubs) want to make this guy out to be a lone wacko with no influences from the likes of Glen Beck and Sarah “Momma Bear” Palin. To then I say “Yeah right, and I’m the freaking Pope.”

How many times does this need to be said before it sinks in, to incite hate in your rhetoric is to invite hate in the public. I don’t care that you covered all your bases with every lawyer in the world, you are to blame for this poor woman’s head wound, as much as the guy who pulled the trigger. He is only as guilty as his influences.

And this goes for both sides, Dems, everyone needs to back off the hate/smear campaigning because unfortunately this is the outcome of said hate. We need to bring civility back to politics and stop all the shouting. It seems nowadays that the loudest group is the most heard and not the group with the best logic, and that’s just sad. We need to bring civility back, folks, and we need to do it fast.

Things to do when you have too much time on yoru hands

4 12 2010

1) Watch a movie. Remember that movie you saw like 5 years ago you really liked. Go and watch it again, it will be really cheap if not free to see it and it will kill two or so hours of time and you will have a blast doing so.

2) Play a game with friends. Most people would read that and think “Online multiplayer” but no, I mean play with them in real life. Play a game of Monopoly, Uno, Checkers, whatever. Nothing beats having your friends over and playing a game, having a few drinks of your choice (soda or beer) and having a great time doing it. Playing a board game is one of the few things that a video game can never get quite right. Sure it gets the game played, but what about when the lights go out? Grab a candle and a board game and your all set.

3)Tell stories (ghost or otherwise)

This may seem a bit hokey, but really, it doesn’t mean tell a fairy tale, just talk about something big that’s happened to you recently. If it’s dark and everyone is up for it, tell ghost stories, this is so much fun it’s not even funny.(wrong choice of words. LOL) If there are kids, tell them a good story you know(keep it clean heh) and they will love you for it.

4) Write a letter to people you know and SNAIL MAIL them. Believe it or not, people LOVE actual physical letters. As convenient an email is it loses all its personality in the process. It’s the kind of thing a person keeps forever.

5) Write on your blog. I have way too much time on my hands, so here I am.